Mission Statement


To be respectful of the dignity and spirit of every child and approach learning through this lens . Building connections, fostering wonder, and encouraging exploration,  iNSPiRE the CHiLD provides an individualized approach that supports learning in an  inviting educational space. 

Creating Individualized education plans and authentic lessons that utilize science -based methodology, meeting  the needs of the student, complementing learning styles and help overcoming challenges.

Guide students toward mastery of the foundational skills needed for a successful academic career. Closing learning gaps and moving children forward with the skillsets needed for success. 

 Embracing whole-child learning philosophy by adding personalized creative components to each lesson to help make connections and draw students into the learning space with wonder. 

Designing lesson plans that inspire a love of learning, personal  growth and development and allow the student to build knowledge with content. 

Using appropriate systematic intensive instruction when needed with a multi-sensory approach. Literacy students will be taught using an Orton Gillingham approach, Wilson Reading System and PAF. 

Supporting core academic curriculum and grade level skill acquisition of mathematics based on Next Generation Learning Standards, NWEA MAP Growth and fluency building skill aquisition. 


Responsive Education

iNSPiRE the CHiLD offers a response to educational needs outside of a traditional classroom setting. Using a therapeutic approach to learning, and one on one delivery.  Each student is guided toward strength based goal formation and positive learning outcomes. Using a child's natural talent and interest increases the opportunity for learning and encourages transcendent educational results.  

Understanding Trauma

Realizing that children are exposed to all kinds of trauma and the effects can permeate all areas of development. In a time when endemic re-entry to school settings has increased anxiety and social-emotional roadblocks for many students, iNSPiRE the CHiLD works to facilitate transitions with informed, supportive practices. 

Understanding the impact and prevalence of trauma that children experience , in all forms, and the need to respond with care,  is a  core belief at iTC.  Providing a safe, understanding and supportive learning environment is vital to the healing process, iTC is committed to the belief in recovery, offering  hope inspired approaches for all students.