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Customized Education Plans for All Types of Learners

Science of Reading Based Instruction





Writing Instruction and Personalized Workshops 

Foundational Math Skill Building

Individualized Tutoring

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Approaching the student using a growth mindset and strength based goal setting tailored to individualized needs. Inspiring the student with creative, differentiated content that facilitates positive connections to learning. Responding with appropriate systematic intensive instruction using a multi-sensory approach. 

 Homeschool Enrichment

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Students learning in online academies and homeschool environments are offered additional support and personalized challenging content. Taking learning into new areas and initiating great conversations through:

   Educational   Support

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Offering academic support, emotional support and educational interventions for students and school districts in need of creative solutions for equitable access to education.

Trauma Responsive Approaches in Education:

About Gina Viebrock

Educating youth for 20 years, I am known for my passionate belief in respecting the child's individuality and providing a highly engaging learning environment. Firmly invested in helping children acquire the foundational skills needed for a successful academic career, my work is reflective of industry standards and current research.  My creative arts background brings a unique perspective into the educational space, complimenting other areas of academic expertise and enriching formal education training. I find myself inspired by the students I teach and enjoy the uniqueness of every child. I have taught early childhood, primary, and middle -grade classes in brick and mortar, online, and homeschool settings. Currently I hold the position of Literacy Specialist for Green Chimneys School, serving students who need an alternative to mainstream education. Other areas of interests include research and development in the area of trauma-responsive education, nature-based curriculum, the role of arts-based education as a catalyst for learning. I believe I can provide a therapeutic space where children are free to learn and grow with dignity while enjoying fun-filled instruction.



-"As an educator myself, former parent of a child in Mrs.Viebrock’s kindergarten class, and with Mrs. Viebrock as my daughter’s current art teacher I can say with confidence that she has the best interest of each individual child in mind. Her child-centered approach motivates her students to take risks, explore without fear of judgment, and do their personal best. Through painting, drawing, singing, costumes creation, acting, and creative play across the curriculum my daughter’s learning experience has been, and continues to be, enriched each and every day." Elise L.

-"Gina’s expertise exudes understanding of the whole child. Academic intelligence. Emotional Intelligence. Social Intelligence. Our children are remarkably different from each other, but the results of Mrs. Viebrock’s teaching and guidance were uniformly excellent. Both of our children were homeschooled for one academic year under the guidance and mentoring of Gina Viebrock. She initiated individualized programing and facilitated the successful completion of Pearson online academy while also creating an emotionally supportive atmosphere during a difficult time. Using a unique approach tailored to the needs of the student, she enriched the existing content and personalized the program significantly. Both children graduated from the program and moved onto immediate social and academic success.  My older daughter, as a new middle-schooler, which is never an easy transition, did exceptionally well in all areas. My younger son, a student with significant emotional needs, now thrives in sports, qualified for the Advanced Learning Program, and has more friends than we ever thought possible. Bravo, Mrs. Viebrock!!! " Edward and Giovanna L

-"We have always respected Mrs. Viebrock as an educator. She has always been extremely supportive, caring and compassionate towards my daughter, Gabby. Gabby would always come home with a huge smile and speak about what she did in class and how amazing Mrs. Viebrock was. When Gabby had trouble in school, Mrs. Viebrock would tutor her, helped her excel tremendously. We can’t say enough about her."  Michelle D

-"Words cannot express how grateful I am that my daughter was educated by Gina Viebrock. My daughter had Gina as her PreK, and Kindergarten teacher and she is currently (third grade) her Art teacher.  I have to say that I owe a lot to who my daughter is today because of Gina’s way of teaching and her distinct way of making learning fun and enjoyable. Gina is a compassionate yet firm educator. As a parent, there is nothing more that you want than your child happy and eager to learn. During Skylar’s time with Gina, she has grew to love expressing herself through art as well and I highly recommend her, She is a profound educator with a passion for teaching." Kristina N.

-"My oldest daughter was lucky to have Mrs. Viebrock as her art teacher for many years. She always spoke highly of and enjoyed her classes. She brought home beautiful artwork as she learned creative methods to draw and paint. There was always a lesson behind the project as well and she was always excited to share what they learned. My younger daughter had the pleasure of having Mrs. Viebrock as her pre-k AND Kindergarten teacher. We were truly blessed that she was able to experience her early education with Mrs. Viebrock. Mrs. Viebrock has such a creative way of presenting her lessons. She involves her class in a way that they are fully immersed and interested in the subject. 3 years later my daughter still loves nature, art, and talks about circling the sun on her birthday. We can’t thank Mrs. Viebrock enough  for all she has taught our daughters." Kasia H.

-"Gina Viebrock is an amazing teacher. My daughter had her for kindergarten and it was such a great year for her. Gina incorporated her artistic talent into the class lessons that made learning so much fun for the children.  What makes Gina Viebrock so unique and special is that she truly sees each child as an individual and brings out the best of each of them with patience, kindness, and so much love.  Every child feels welcomed and valued in the classroom." Lucille R


For effective goal setting and maximized results, tutoring sessions typically run in 8-week intervals, with holidays and unforeseen closures added on to the end of the session commitment as needed.  Summer writing workshops and customized scheduling is also an option if needed. 

iNSPiRE the CHiLD will be closed on the following dates for the remainder of 2023:

July 31

September 4           

September 7-12  

October      9              

November 10/11                              

November 22-26                                

December 22- January 3 

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